1. Dom Perignon Dom Perignon

    war ccriminal lock him up what a horrible man the british hate him

  2. Chris Sherman Chris Sherman

    It's amazing how many people hated Obama when he was elected, just because he was black. Now, those same assholes are praising him because he was black. Those people that were so intent on hating him are now happy that he was a good president.

  3. Vicki Coleman Vicki Coleman

    President Obama We Miss And Love You!!💯💋

  4. SheWhoWalksAlone SheWhoWalksAlone

    Obama is billing the taxpayer for his Secret Service on vacations since leaving office! $97M spent by Obama for vacations during term, how many millions more will he spend since he gave himself 'lifetime' Secret Service?

  5. imfromtambunan imfromtambunan

    I would kill myself if I worked for TMZ

  6. Skyzze FinCham Skyzze FinCham

    Hell I Glad l he Gone My some one will hit him the head with a golf ball am so happy his out with he @@@

  7. Skyzze FinCham Skyzze FinCham


  8. Russian Nuke Russian Nuke

    He is The WORST president ever.

  9. Kali Kali

    I'm just glad he doesn't have to deal with any racist politicians. Now he's on vacation ..enjoying his life, while others are swimming in hatred. Haha

  10. james hart james hart

    This is no different then when he was president…this is all of his years in office….He was the president who never was accountable for anything…Obama's whole time in office was a retirement…already Trump is being blamed for everything…but at least he's being held accountable….

  11. jazmine collins jazmine collins

    Obama will always & forever be my president. 🙋👏💯❤

  12. Clarissa Horne Clarissa Horne

    how could black people work for this man im not mad at Harvey we have to do better..

  13. Socalcarspotter Socalcarspotter


  14. John Doe John Doe

    Fuck Obama he did Nothing for the American People except Ruined MANY American Lives for the sake of illegal immigrants

  15. TheMezzoMaven TheMezzoMaven

    Can he live a little??? On another note, a little Schadenfreude might be what you are eluding to Harvey. That would be every other black person in the U.S., NOT President Obama. When we see pictures of him enjoying himself, it is as if he is checking in with family saying. I am ok. I also think he has the weight of the WORLD off his shoulders. I am pretty sure he is the youngest President to leave office. I am assuming people are just not used to seeing a former President have fun! Trump called Barack Obama out. No other President has EVER done that because they know the demands of the job and it would be like throwing stones. Even President Obama said how wonderful Bush was in helping his team transition. Trump has publicly disgraced ONLY President Obama by name. President Obama is showing America. It is ok. I am OK. I am happy to see him enjoy himself. That is what Michelle was hoping he would do. Go listen to their last interview before leaving office "I am hoping he (Barack) spends the next several months doing what he enjoys". Can you imagine how long it takes to diffuse from being a President of the US? I would be like a scene from Bad Moms. Let him have fun.


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