AT NIGHT: 2017 Honda CR-V LX Interior and Exterior Lighting

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      Thank you for watching :)
      Please watch this:

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        please make a night video on mitsubishi outlander

        • avatar syncro87 1

          Thanks for posting this video. I'm picking up a new LX AWD in two weeks. Honda Sensing on the upper trims seems buggy from what I read on various forums, so I opted out. 18" wheels rode too stiff and are silly on a daily driver vehicle in this category. The 17" wheel LX version drove better when I test drove both trims back to back on two occasions. The only minor beef I have with the base trim is that the interior door panels seem a bit cheap. First world problem, though. It's too bad Honda doesn't sell an LX 1.5T in the USA, I would have paid for the turbo engine but did not want the other stuff you have to take with it.

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              ledlomp 😍😍😍😍

              • avatar Steve N 1

                the dashboard odometer panel is made of cheap plastic and it is scratched very easily.

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                  Check out my full detailed review of the 2017 Mazda CX-5!

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                      Nice CRv Honda…very Amazing Mpv..

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                        any chance you can do the ex… please

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                          Halogen projector lights suck. It's 2017 Honda, get with the times. Even Corolla's have LED projector lights.

                          • avatar Sam Chokshi 0

                            I just bought a Honda CRV EX 2017. it does have vibration issue like 2015 model. check before buy.

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                              h honda

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                                lightning move! amazing