An Excellent Maid In The Kitchen

The origins of the Kitchen girl cabinets that were made in the twentieth century can be traced back to the Antique Hoosier cupboard from the century before. Nineteenth century storage wishes for staple materials like sugar and flour were present. The flour bins could hold up to fifty pounds.

Quite some time gone in'12 the Kitchen house maid cabinets came on the scene. 42 years on'64, the company that made them back then had changed its name. Wasmuth-Endicott Indiana in Andrews, Indiana, had become so closely identified with it most noted product that it called itself the Kitchen girl cabinet Company. The world of'12 would be unrecognizable to us for a variety range of reasons, including the kitchens from that time. The company didn't leave the older rustic style alone, however. Easy-to-clean porcelain tops made their way onto the cabinets by the year'19.

Every product on the market, from whisky to floor wax, was experiencing dramatic improvements based mostly on stunning improvements and amazing findings. Not to be outdone by rivals Kitchen maid products began to feature Composite Construction with Flo-Line Styling outlines of products were replete with correct nouns like Resinite Doors and the sturdy, but grain-less Presdwood. The term Composite Construction may actually have meant something, capitalized or not. Aluminum and 'selected hardwoods were melded into the sturdiest possible cabinetry known to man (or woman?) -kind.

Aluminum was no longer just for jets in the Jet Age. It was inexpensive and the very thing for Flo-Line Styling and Composite Construction. It could be tricky to believe, around 60 years after, that something similar to Divided Cutlery Drawer Inserts made of hardwood with plastic liners amounted to a cool new feature in the world of cabinetry in'49.

The company was now officially called the Kitchen house maid corp. Even though much had modified since its inception, certain surprisingly similar desires were still being addressed by its products. If you were bored with storing your flour and sugar the old-fashioned way in bags, why take advantage of the new Special Metal Drawer Inserts, which sported sealed partitions and sliding lids.

Reviving an older model Kitchen girl cupboard can pose some fascinating challenges. For one thing replacement hardware and fasteners simply do not seem to fit. The nineteenth century models may have been more cleverly built than any of the improved twentieth century ones.

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