Alfresco Dining – Tips On How You Can Create A Great Outdoor Patio Dining Experience

Summer will quickly be upon us, making for a great atmosphere for alfresco dining. To ‘dine al fresco’, or ‘dining alfresco’ is a popular pastime in Europe. Think sidewalk cafes in Paris. It is also, however, a great way to enjoy the evening in your own backyard.

Keep in mind, there is more to patio dining than simply putting a few tables and chairs out by the barbecue grill. You have to go through certain steps, and if you can do this your Alfresco Dining experience will be a pleasant one.

You should first determine the location for your outdoor dining area. It is best to choose an area that is next to a wall of your house. We will explain this reason in a few minutes. Choose an area that is away from a lot of noise, such as on the backside of your home, or away from the street.

You might also want to consider a location that does not receive too much sunlight or a lot of wind in that direction. Certain elements like wind and sun can ruin an alfresco dining experience.

Privacy is always something to consider when you are dining outside. The biggest reason for this is you or your guests may not feel comfortable with your neighbors looking in on the get together you are providing. Plus it’s a great way to build a cozy atmosphere in the process. This is why we wrote about picking somewhere next to the house earlier.

One of the best ways to do this is by utilizing a fence or even an arbor. Granted, these can both be expensive. If you want to overcome the price you can always plant sunflowers or come up with neat hedge work. Both options are helpful.

When you create your Alfresco Dining experience, you have to figure out what bar stools, cafe tables, benches, and everything else you will need. The best option is a weather resistant choice. If you get something like teak patio furniture it will keep you from having to clean it all the time.

Making sure your guests are comfortable is important as well. You need chairs that are made from good quality since everyone will be sitting for long periods of time. Oh, and you need to be comfortable as well.

To top off your alfresco dining experience, add a few citronella plants or citronella candles to the area. They will ward off pests and make your outdoor eating area bug free.

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