Air Conditioning History



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      super vedio

      • avatar Jon Stewart 1

        No home in America had this until the 1950's. Imagine living in Texas, Florida, or any of the south without it before! Living in those states between April and October was a living hell even if you were used to it or didn't know any better!

        • avatar Jon Stewart 2

          In my home state of Alaska, no such thing exists in almost every home to this day! Yes, you don't need it. But not always! Fairbanks gets up into the 90's once in a while. Anchorage has gotten over 80 maybe three times in the past 10 years. But even 70-something during the summer with sunlight near midnight can be unbearable!

          • avatar Yofatboy123 2

            Nearly 115 years ago.

            • avatar Vassilis A. 1

              Hello @Largest Dams, could you please inform me about the source and original title of the documentary? I am interested in buying it from Discovery, but I don't know the details of the show.

              • avatar DJ biGGZ vendetta sound 1

                all white people does is steal others invention and call it their own just like how they discovered a country with people in it how the fuck can u discover something that's already been discovered?

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                    This is so wrong on so many level's. Frederick McKinley Jones who was a Black American manis the actual inventor of the air condition. if you don't believe me then look it up or Google it for yourself and you'll see what I am talking about. Willis Carrier invented the modern air condition. but he wasn't the first person to come up with the invention of the air condition. The only thing Wilis Carrier did was reinvent or reengineer the air condition. #BlackTruthHiddenBehindWhiteLies

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                      ALL HAIL LORD CARRIER

                      • avatar ThunderAppeal 1

                        Thats what Willis was talkin 'bout. Ha!! AmIRiteOrAmIRite!!??

                        Kin I git a Hellz Yeah!!

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                          Thank you carrier for the comfort.

                          • avatar Tommy Rico 1

                            Thanks carrier!

                            • avatar WebersHVAC 1

                              Interesting story, hate what's happening right now.

                              • avatar GenerationXT 2

                                Given what Carrier has done recently,
                                the title of this video will need changed to "Historia de Aire acondicionado".

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                                    Interesting story, I believe Daikin was also the leader in AC