Affordable Cleaning Tips for People Who Live in Washington

While most people do not particularly enjoy cleaning, it doesn't have to be a difficult and annoying chore with the right tools and set of tips. To help you make your household cleaning chores that much easier-and affordable-we have put together a nomenclature of cleaning tips that will help your home look its finest without breaking the bank.
Let's begin by creating a cleaning mixture that is natural, effective, and very affordable. Take an empty spray bottle and fill it with some white vinegar. You can use vinegar spray to clean stainless steel fixtures as well as chrome fixtures if you wish. You can also use your handy new vinegar spray to remove grime, mildew, and scum from your shower curtains, tiles, and your bathtub as well. Vinegar is also child-safe, so you don't have to worry about your children getting sick like many other expensive house cleaning products.
Furthermore, you can use a paintbrush for more than just painting. For instance, a dry paintbrush can be used to clean the grooves and surfaces of your most prized collectibles. However, for maximum efficiency, we would recommend using a dry paintbrush that has bristles that are at least 3 inches long. In addition, if you happen to have a few framed photos that have accumulated copious amounts of dust over the months or years, then you can dust them using a common pastry brush. We would recommend a pastry brush over a conventional paintbrush to dust photo frames because they have softer bristles and are easier to get into corners and other areas that are tougher to access.
This one is particularity interesting. Did you know that you can use bread to clean paintings? No, this isn't a joke. Simply remove the crust off of a slice of white bread and then role it into doughy ball. Then use the doughy ball to gently dab the surface of your artwork. However, you shouldn't use bread to clean antiques or paintings that are highly valuable. Once the rolled up bread has built up enough grime and dirt it's time to chuck it in a trash bin and move onto a second slice. Also, if there are any crumbs, you can get rid of them using a soft bristle brush, such as a pastry brush.
Furthermore, if you have any venetians or blinds in your home then you can clean them using a pair of white cotton gloves. Simply dip the gloves into a bowl of equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Next, run your fingers across each slat (remembering to tackle both sides) and then rinse the gloves off in a bowl of cool, clean water.
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