Advantages of Using Self Storage Units

Storage space -or rather, the lack thereof- is an issue for many people. Families with children often find that, as the years go on, they accumulate more and more possessions. Single people and couples commonly live in relatively small apartments or homes, which limit the amount of room in which they have to store their belongings. Even offices and workplaces have difficulty with storage space at times, such as when a business has grown too big for its current location or when a company has to find room for cases of old (but still necessary) files.

In all of these instances, self storage units can solve the problem of a lack of storage space. And actually, there are many advantages of using self storage units for personal or for business purposes. Below are some of the main benefits of utilizing this type of storage for any type of property (other than flammable, toxic, and hazardous substances, of course).

– You choose the type of storage you need. There are many different varieties of self storage units available; therefore, anyone can find one that will best suit his needs. Most units are part of a ground-level building, though some storage may be found in multi-story buildings. There are also mobile storage units that can be filled at one location and then stored at another.

– You choose the size of storage you need. Larger storage units will obviously cost more than smaller units (and, of course, prices vary from one self storage location to another). But, you get to select the exact size of unit that will serve your needs best. This way, you will only pay for the storage that you need and are using.

– Self storage units are quite affordable. Because there are so many self storage companies vying for your business, prices are very competitive. Many companies even offer special coupon rates or deals.

– Only you can access the contents of your storage unit. Employees of the self storage unit company will not be able to access your storage unit unless you default from your agreement (by not paying your bill, for example). In fact, most companies have you get your own lock to use on your storage unit- the company will not even have a key.

– You have access to your unit at any time, day or night. Companies know that you may need to access your stored items at various times; therefore, they provide the means for you to be able to do so.

– Your belongings will be completely safe. The owners of the self storage company are responsible for the security of the units. Most use state-of-the-art security cameras and alarms around the clock to guard the facility. Many also have security guards. In addition, your property is safe from damage, as the units are guaranteed to be waterproof.

– You can rent the storage unit for a week, a month, or longer-your choice. Only you know how long you need the storage space; therefore, only you can decide the length of time you want to rent it.

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