Adoption And Foster Care – A Background

There is a child out there who is waiting for a kind soul to give him or her a chance to have a better life or to offer refuge for the healing of emotional pain and a broken character. That is what adoption and foster care is all about - giving a young innocent person the chance to be part of a conventional society where he or she can become a respectable citizen. You can make that difference for the child if you have the heart, the compassion, the discipline, flexibility, and an adequate financial means to sustain for the future of the child.

In both cases of adoption and foster care, you take over the parental responsibility over the child. However, your legal obligation becomes permanent when you decide to adopt the child provided the he or she is available for adoption. The process of adoption can be lengthy and tedious because the entire welfare of the child is given utmost consideration. You can be an adoptive parent regardless of status, whether single or married, gay or straight provided you have the capabilities to raise the child in a healthy environment as determined by the proper regulatory agencies.

Ideally, a child's future is better off in an environment where the biological parents take responsibility in nurturing for the child. That is why their stay in a foster home is supposedly limited and reuniting them with their own families is the best solution to an impending problem of juvenile delinquency or a messed up adult life. There is no assurance however that their conditions will improve if the family continues to have problems within, but the odds are stronger for the child when reunited with his or her parents.

Parental abuses which may be acted physically, verbally or sexually are one of the major cases that warrant the separation of the child from the parents or legal guardian. Alcoholism, drug addiction and unemployment are the causes for parental neglect on the child or children resulting to malnutrition, lack of education and chronic health problems. That is why foster care is very important for these innocent victims in our society to make them understand that this is not a cruel world and that there is always a better life and a better choice for them and their families.

Foster children who do not get reunited with their biological parents may stay under permanent foster care until they are 18 years of age while others get adopted. There are laws like in the U.S. where a child can only remain under foster care for a limited time only after which they become available for adoption. The main objective is to provide a more permanent family setting for the child at the soonest time possible for their utmost welfare.

If you have seen the film, "The Blind Side" starring Sandra Bullock, it is a beautiful story on adoption and foster care and revolves on the success of a white family fostering a troubled African American teenager and eventually adopting him legally, while giving him all the love and care that they also showered to their two biological children. The fostered/adopted child became a football university scholar and when he graduated, he was drafted to the U.S. National Football League (NFL) where he is currently a professional football player. It is a true to life story that reminds all of us that if you have a big heart with a persevering spirit, there is always hope for a lost child.

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