Abandoned House with Classic Antiques Left Behind

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    • avatar 539 Productions 1

      Happy Mothers Day Weekend to everyone out there! Shout out to all of our viewers out there that are moms, you rock and have a great holiday! Hope everyone enjoys the video and don't forget to give it a huge thumbs-up if you did and want to see a lot more like it! Also, let us know in the comments if there are any types of locations that you'd like to see explored in the future! Love to see all of your comments!

      • avatar The card lover 22 1

        Did you guys take those National Geographics? If so, people would pay a decent amount of cash. Not a small fortune mind you but a reasonable amount.

        • avatar A Sojourner 2

          That thing for checking lung capacity is called an Incentive Spirometer

          • avatar B Montana 1

            There are no antiques, you liar!

            • avatar Doris Hruska 2

              agree with marilynw…what antiques

              • avatar Michael Hunt 1

                Dude… you look like Johnny Marr from the Smiths!

                • avatar Dr. Leonard Hofstadter 1

                  Seeing the multiple layers of wallpaper, was really amazing.

                  • avatar Laura Murphy 1

                    Seems like this home was left way before 2003 according to the last calendar on the wall because of the amount of decay of the interior as well as the outside of the home.. It looks like this home was not secured very well after the original owners were no longer there. By the way the Springfield Weather Forcaster was actually a Barometer… :-)

                    • avatar Laura Murphy 1

                      This farm house was built around 1890…. I live in an 1890 Queen Anne Victorian in Conn & Have 2 push button light switchesin my home that are original.. One is located in the downstairs hall..the other in the upstairs hall.. By the way do you have any history on this farm house ? Why it was left abandoned? Quite a bit weather damage along with people dumping trash as well as others trashing the contents that were left…. so sad…. :( It appears that some members of the family were packing up contents of the home but never finished removing what they intended…

                      • avatar Laura Murphy 1

                        This farm house was built around 1890. I live in an 1890 Queen Anne Victorian in Conn.. & I have 2 of the same light switches with the push button which is original… one in the downstairs hall & the other in the upstairs hall.. :-)

                        • avatar Dave Sawdey 1

                          those 2 coats were ww2 vintage. worth some good money to a collector. (like me). the one with the fur collar, is a mackinaw,used by jeep, and truck drivers in cold conditions

                          • avatar NEW NORM TRUMP 2

                            WHERES THE ANTIQUES

                            • avatar NEW NORM TRUMP 1

                              TALK ABOUT DISGUSTING

                              • avatar curtis mccorkel 1

                                i can see my self there

                                • avatar Patricia Curnutt 1

                                  do you ever take things out for yourself at these places. I would.

                                  • avatar Beauty in Decay Explorations 1

                                    Man that raccoon must eat a lot because that is a ton of poo!!! Lol. Very cool house and homestead. Had to be scary being upstairs. Great video!!!

                                    • avatar Susan Thomas 2

                                      That's somebody's property! They don't need a sign saying you can't be there!

                                      • avatar Susan Thomas 0

                                        Those aren't squash plants. Those are a nasty plant called burdock!

                                        • avatar wishiwas1901 1

                                          Very creepy crawl space in the attic. Looks like it's partly floored with coffin lid shaped boards!

                                          • avatar Danny Boy 2

                                            I've heard painting the walls that shade of green keeps demons away. I't's real big in the south.