7 Weird Storage Stories

Self storage customers usually put furniture and household items into store. Some store their boats or RV’s. Most use storage when they move house or relocate. Increasingly businesses realise that self storage offers a cheaper way to store archives and stock. This is how most people use storage.

But as with any business stranger things happen. People choose to store “unusual items” away from their home. Here are some that have been reported by self storage operators:

1. Randolph or Randy to his owner was the most delightful Golden Retriever, a loyal loving dog who’d been at the centre of the family for many years. When Randy finally left his owner to chase cats and postmen in doggy heaven he left a distraught family who couldn’t bear to be without him. His soul may have left but his mortal remains were rejuvenated and a stuffed Randy continued to bring joy. However when a new lady took up residence in the house, she failed to see the attraction of Randy’s presence and issued an ultimatum – Randy or her. And that is how Randy ended up in a self storage room complete with his favourite toys and some photos of his family. His owner regularly visited and spent plenty of time thinking about long walks in years gone by. Usually pets aren’t allowed to be stored, but an exception was made in this case.

2. Few storage facilities can boast the presence of aliens bent on World domination. A lone Dalek, the enemy of Dr Who uses a London storage centre to contrive his evil plans. Is he working alone or is he a scout for a future raid by an army of Daleks? His human owner bought him, but soon realised his had no room for him at home. So he now visits his Dalek and whizzes around the long corridors of the storage building. Other customers appear to be reassured by this impressive display of security.

3. One customer managed to keep his interest in domination secret from his family. Unfortunately when he died his widow and family decided to empty his storage room of his “record collection”. On opening the room not one record was found. They did find a vast collection of whips and some studded leather clothing, covered in zips. The deceased interests stretched beyond mere records.

4. Many women can’t resist shoes and before you know it there’s a collection to rival Imelda Marcos’s. Storage space at home soon fills and extra space is needed. All completely understandable, but when a man stores box after box of pristine high-heeled shoes you begin to suspect that they were not bought for regular wear. Still I’m sure he paid his storage bills on time.

5. Every storage centre appears to be home to collections of adult glossy magazines. Most are quite small and are amongst other household storage, but every now and then stories emerge of vast collections filling good sized rooms. I wonder why they are not kept at home!

6. Would you believe one person chose to store dust from his ancestral home. On breathing in the dust, the musty smell brought floods of childhood memories back. His room was crammed with other mementos, but it was the dust that really worked the magic.

7. There are many stories of people trying to use a storage room as a home. It’s understandable because modern storage facilities are exceptionally well appointed. They’re usually spotlessly clean, safe and secure and offer great privacy. Perhaps a lack of kitchen, windows and plumbing would be a barrier, but not for some. What’s surprising is that people don’t realise just how sophisticated the security is and attempts to live in a storage room are quickly stopped.

Glasgow Storage Expert, Rob Shorten has never stored musty house dust. His tenants usually store furniture, business archives or stock. His Free Money-Saving Tips For Self Storage have helped many people to cut the cost of storage. Kangaroo Self Storage provide storage in Glasgow and Dundee.

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