7 Steps to a Good Feng Shui Bedroom

You spend a good portion of your life in the bedroom, and that’s where you need the harmony of nurturing and sensual energy. Feng shui can help create a bedroom where you can be excited and energized, calmed and soothed, rested and relaxed. A good feng shui bedroom sets up a place for you to grab a few winks, or slumber deeply all night long, or even retire to for a session of intimacy with your partner.

Here are some simple and effective feng shui tools that will help transform your bedroom and fill it with positive energy.

1) Adjust Lighting
Light is an important nutrient and a determinant of the energy inside a room. And in your bedroom, the intensity of lighting you need will vary. A light with a switch that can dim the brightness is a nice addition. This can help you adjust the brightness for reading, sleeping, or having fun. Candles are excellent for feng shui lighting, but beware of toxins released in some of the cheaper varieties.

2) Position Your Bed Correctly
Feng shui guidelines apply to how and where you position your bed. Make it easy to approach from all sides. If you like bedside tables, have one on each side. As far as possible, don’t place you bed in a direct line with the door. A balanced bed helps create the perfect feng shui bedroom. Pick a solid mattress, a good headboard, and sheets made of natural fiber. All of this helps channel good feng shui energy into your bedroom.

3) Close All Doors At Night
Bathroom doors. Closet doors. And bedroom doors. All must be shut at night. This keeps the positive energy within, nourishing you as you sleep, and nurturing the health of your relationships. A neat room with clean closets enhances the feeling of peace and quiet that is desirable in a bedroom.

4) Take Away The TV & Treadmill
Too many folks clutter up their bedroom with entertainment and exercise devices. Letting in the external influences of a television set, or turning a restful area into one for fitness and body-building alters the energy state of your bedroom. The very presence of these items affects the tone and mood, regardless of whether you actually watch TV or ride your exercise bicycle.

5) Choose Art Carefully
Paintings and pictures that hang on your bedroom walls influence the feng shui energy. You would do well to select images that represent your desires and depict events and things that you wish for in your life. Dull, depressing and sad images are to be avoided, unless you’re looking forward to the same feelings permeating your life.

6) Keep The Air Fresh
Depending upon where you live, you could open the windows or use an air-purifier to freshen up the atmosphere inside your bedroom. Letting in more oxygen will energize the people inside your bedroom and promote good health. A stuffy and dingy room full of stale air and bad smells has the opposite effect. Having plants inside your bedroom is not good feng shui. While you might have a few potted plants around, it is only suitable for larger bedrooms where the greenery can be placed far away from the bed.

7) Paint Your Walls Right
The balance of energy inside your bedroom depends on the colors of your walls. A good feng shui bedroom has a decor that lets energy flow smoothly around the room. This restores your energy as you sleep, and adds zest to your sex life. Feng shui experts say that skin tones are the best choice for bedroom colors. A rich chocolate brown may suit some tastes. Others prefer a paler shade of white. Pick the combination that you like the most.

Your idea of a perfect bedroom may differ from someone else’s. But there are a few things in common. Pleasure and relaxation are among them. In a good feng shui bedroom, every element is in harmony with the essential purpose of a bedroom – love, relaxation and rejuvenation.

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