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    • avatar Patrick Burns 2

      #2 – you could give Bear Grylls $33… or you could go to the dollar tree and buy a cheese grater and a fresnel pocket magnifier for $2 total.

      • avatar allarijune sarmiento 1

        all of that is useless n.igga

        • avatar Thomas Brosselt 1

          Thank god, Bear can feed his children…. ;-)

          • avatar Daniel Funchion 1

            Lol the spartool survival kit had a condiment in it

            • avatar Peter Kenrick P. Sy 2

              now, you have the perfect shovel for noobs in Minecrap😂😂😂

              • avatar BuckGreywolfe 1

                If you watch in slo-mo at 4:04 the wood explodes before the axe hits it

                • avatar Keyword 65 1

                  plz it just makes a person like be dislike it that it says "TOOLS THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE" i am pretty sure that non of these is going to save my life.

                  • avatar Rooster Rhodes 2

                    Hi I am interested in possibly becoming a vendor for your products, please contact Me as I am 110% Sure of being able to support and sale in My Area's!! Thanks again, My name is Rooster.

                    • avatar Landrew0 1

                      The last one will come in handy when your bus is late, and you need to start a fire to keep warm.

                      • avatar Landrew0 1

                        Bear Grylls has all the success that his family fortune has bought for him.

                        • avatar Martin Tedder 2

                          "it's perfectly balanced" (spartool)…..wut? People are able to balance refrigerators….what does this mean??